Friday, June 18, 2010

then and now

As I look in the mirror, there is no denying how far I've come. I started this life changing journey at 234 lbs. That was after the birth of my 2nd child.

I now weigh-in at 169 lbs as of this morning. I'm going to make Friday a weigh-in day and share on here how I've done for the week. Last week I was in the 170s, which has taken me at least 6 months to break that plateau. This week I have focused on food as fuel theory and I've poured my heart into my workouts. It seems to be paying off! I still have a ways to go, my goal is to be between 135-140, but more than that to be happy with my body.

One set back that I have encountered this week is weak knees. I wanted to run my first 5K on July 3rd, and I'm not so sure that will be able to happen now. Last week I went for a run, I set out to do 20 mins. The first 20 were a breeze, so I decided that I'd shoot for 25mins. I looked down to realize that the time said 25:30, so I make the choice to go for 30. Now my longest run before this was 20mins and I thought I would die afterward. I felt great this time.....until about 3am. Then the pains started. They are still there now, over a week later. I've continued to spin, do pilates and kettlebell cardio because none of those cause me pain. I'm afraid to run again. Today the knees feel a ton better, so I may venture to the treadmill, but we'll see how I feel after spinning this am.

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  1. I love seeing pictures of how far people have come on their journey! You look AMAZING!! Be proud of your accomplishment!! :)